Hidden Places in the Solar System

What you were taught

As children, we have been taught that the Solar System is composed of 8 planets (9 was your number before 2006). Along with the sun. But that is partially true. There are other things in the solar system that you weren’t told about.

1.The Asteroid belt

Located between Mars and Jupiter is a bunch of irregularly shaped bodies around the sun. They are the result of collisions that happened long ago when the solar system first formed. solar-system-lrg.png

For more info watch this video by crash course:

2. The Kuiper Belt

The simplest definition. A group of dwarf planets beyond Neptune including Pluto. (Found in the picture above.) For more info check this video:

3. The Oort cloud

So this is were all the comets hangout. It was proposed by the Dutch astronomer to resolve the paradox of where do comets come from. No one has seen the Oort cloud and we probably won’t be able to because the distance between the comets is the distance between the Earth and Saturn. It is approx. 1 light-year in diameter.


For more info watch this video:


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