Life in Space

To be very scientifically precise we have no idea if aliens exist. Those videos you see on YouTube, images, and stupid conspiracy theorists claiming that the government hides things from us are completely wrong. What science says is that aliens may exist but we haven’t made contacts with them or that aliens may not even exist at all and we are living alone in the universe. We aren’t very sure, but what you can be sure of is that both are equally terrifying.

So what makes us think that aliens exist ?

There are a couple of reasons that make the idea of the non-existence of aliens ridiculous.

1. Infinite Universe    

Consider that we have a 100 billion galaxies in the observable universe and each has 100 billion stars in them. and each star is orbited by at least one planet. And one percent of those are habitable. And one percent of that one percent has living things on it. And one percent of those have thinking being on them . Then we have a decent number of planets on which we could find aliens. And mind you i have stated only the observable universe. The other parts increase the probability.


Once upon a time Mars had on oceans on it and we have a proof. So let’s consider this: if all the oceans on the earth disappeared it would a leave a line in the rocks at sea level. Now this line would be at the same elevation hence sea level is the same all around the world. The same line exists on Mars but there is a problem. It changes elevation by a few kilometers. Scientist figured out that the elevation might be caused by the mass distribution on planet Mars. And that was the case, when they added Mt.Olympus (which is the highest point on all of the solar system) to their calculations everything matched up.


Long ago we have suspected that Jupiter’s moon Europa might have an ocean water under it is surface and it turned out to be true. Just this year (2016) The Hubble Telescope seen water get out of cracks on the crust. Europa is smaller the Earth. Ironically the water under it’s surface is more than the water on the Earth.

What does have water have to do with life in space ?

It is really simple. On planet earth wherever we have found water we have found life. Even in the Dead Sea there is microbial life.

So do aliens exist ?

We don’t know. We shall wait for time to tell us.


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