Challengs facing space travel

We hear a lot of talk lately about establishing a civilization in a planet other than the earth. Or even just getting out of the earth. It has been a long time since we have sent a human on another place since December 19, 1972. And if we are ever going to go to another place in space within the next 30 years it is Mars.

Going There

But going to mars isn’t as easy as you might think. You don’t just make a rocket, throw some astronauts in and launch it. If so then how do we go there ?

See sending humans to Mars is a challenge. Not only do you have to travel 3 years. But you are going to stay there 3 years. It will also take you 3 years to go back, so  years in total. So that means you have to survive  3 years with limited supplies and no chance for rescue.   So what are the challenges.


So we get exposed to radiation everyday but those few microsieverts aren’t anything to worry about. But space is like swimming in an ocean of radiation. The earth has a magnetic field that protects us from the harmful radiation. But in space you get exposed to them not only that but when supernovae occur they send out atoms through space near the speed of light. They are so fast that the electrons get ripped off. These atoms can pass through the human body and cause some severe stuff like change the atomic structure in our body which has a handful amount of bad effects. so you sure about going there ?

Not to mention fluids. On Earth the blood pools down because of gravity. But when travelling to mars where you will experience zero gravity along the way you your blood will be evenly distributed letting your brain think you’ve got too much blood so your body makes less that is why some astronauts faint when the come back to earth. That also gives them puffy faces. Now since there are extra blood there is extra pressure. That extra pressure gets really bad because it pushes on the eyes causing vision disruption.

And by the time you reach mars you will be very weak in zero gravity you lose 1% – 2 % of your bone density. This would be a very serious problem considering you accidentally fall you will end up breaking a bone. Now NASA has a created an exercising machine that totally reverses this effect. But when we go to Mars you need to make the ship as light as possible.

One last thing. In order to insure you don’t starve to death we would have to send you with supplies for 12 years. That means that there will be some serious weight the spaceship would have to carry. That is another problem.

In the end

These are just technical problems ones we will solve very soon.


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